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Covid-19 coverage available

Traveling for business, pleasure or as a student abroad is a great way to explore the world, but it also increases your risk of encountering health issues. Therefore, it is important that you and your family are covered no matter where you go!

Travel insurance plans are available to all Canadians no matter where their travels take them. They cover the cost of medical expenses that result from sudden illness or accidents. This is subject to the conditions and limitations, indicated on each company’s policy wording.

COVID-19 is also covered under the emergency medical care benefit but is subject to exclusions on the grounds of pre-existing conditions. This is based on the different medical stability periods of each company.

24/7 emergency travel assistance is also included during the trip. Very few companies offer a subsistence allowance for the cost of accommodation and meals, in the case that the insured person’s return must be delayed due to illness or bodily injury to himself or accompanying immediate family.

Dental emergency care, ambulance, taxi service, air ambulance services to the nearest medical accredited medical facility and more are also available with some companies. The insured can also add a rider to cover the risk of delay or losing baggage, trip cancellation and more. For just a few dollars a day, you can guarantee that you and your family are secured anywhere in the world.

Medical Stability Period for Travel Insurance

Each insurance company has its own “medical stability period” for a pre-existing medical condition. The stability period requires a pre-existing medical condition to be stable for a specific period, before applying to insurance in order for it to be covered.

For example, if a client had a knee surgery four month ago and he has been stable for 2 months. In order to be covered for the knee abroad you must choose an insurance company that will provide you with a medical stability period that is two months or less.

Another example is if a client had COVID-19 one month ago, he is stable for 2 weeks. Only an insurance company with the right stability (under 2 weeks) will cover this client.

Different companies have different stability periods, therefore it’s absolutely crucial to openly discuss your health in order to find the right insurance company for your needs.

Any changes to your medication during your stability period can be considered a change in treatment, therefore you will not be covered for any unexpected emergencies related to that medication if you choose the wrong stability period and the wrong insurance company.

Some companies allow to choose the stability period that suits your needs however some will not. Insurance by Mira will help ensure that your pre-existing medical conditions are fully covered and that nothing will surprise you.

Insurance by Mira Glinauer will find you the best insurance company and will fully secure your trip. Making sure that your stability period is long enough to cover all of your medical conditions and providing you and your loved ones with financial peace of mind no matter where your travels take you. No limit of age or period of time on all the policies.

All companies require Canadians travels to have valid government health coverage in their home province while abroad. If an individual plan on traveling for more then 212 days, they need to state that to their provincial services office prior to departure; allowing them to extend their OHIP coverage. Otherwise they might lose their provincial health coverage as well as any private coverage.

Call Insurance by Mira to make sure you are covered with the right insurance company, do not compromise on your coverage, I have a solution for everyone!

Travel Insurance