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Life has a unique way of aligning us with our purpose and how we can help the world. I have realized that my purpose is to provide people with financial peace of mind by securing their financial future.

Given my ten plus years of experience as a lawyer and other senior positions in the Ministry of Finance, I have decided to alter my path and become a LLQP licensed Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor. Eight years later, with my extensive knowledge in law, finance, and insurance; I have dedicated my life to helping families customize their financial plans to their specific needs by securing themselves and their loved ones.

As an Insurance Broker and Financial Adviser, I am contracted with many insurance companies and don’t work for any one insurance company in particular. Therefore, I am highly familiar with the various policies that are available in the Canadian market. Furthermore, I work only for my clients’ best interests, and by utilizing my extensive knowledge of the market, I provide a fully customizable insurance plan that will cover all their needs at the best available price.

When talking to my clients, I find out the essential details to match their needs and budget with the right insurance company. Matching people and their families with the right insurance policy from the various options available, is essentially saving them from a financial standpoint. You cannot compromise on your insurance policy in the same sense that you would not compromise when choosing a doctor or a lawyer. I specialize in a wide variety of life and living benefits that the Canadian insurance market offers, this includes:

  • All types of Life Insurance (Including non-medical Life Insurance)
  • Critical Illness (including 100% return of premium rider)
  • Disability
  • Group and Individual Benefits
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Insurance for Tourists
  • Students
  • Workers
  • Visitors to Canada
  • Super Visa Insurance for parents and grandparents
  • Education and Retirement savings plan and more.

I tailor the most suitable insurance coverage for each client. When I talk to my clients, I ask many more questions than the standard medical questionnaire and then I know how to match the best insurance company for the client. What suits one client will not necessarily suit another.

There is no doubt that my education in law, together with my broad experience in the financial sector, gave me additional tools to better examine all the relevant details for each client and ensure their financial future.

Nowadays the whole process can be done by phone, electronically or by appointment. COVID -19 has dramatically changed our lives but from an insurance standpoint nothing has changed. Prices are just as competitive as before and you can get full coverage for all your insurance needs. Anything from visitors to Canada to Canadian travelers, life insurance, critical illness, disability, benefits and more. COVID -19 coverage is included, when relevant.

As an immigrant myself, I very well understand the particular nature of the immigration process. I also know first-hand the emotional and financial problems that can arise from making such a life-changing move. Therefore, it is especially crucial to make the right long-term financial decisions. With my experience and knowledge in both law and finance, I help families through critical financial decisions so that nothing surprises them in the future.

The connection that I have with my clients does not end once the policy is signed. I am always available at my phone and via email and happy to share my knowledge and help whenever needed.

Don’t compromise on your insurance coverage. The future depends on your actions today!

You are welcome to schedule a FREE consultation by calling or texting Mira Glinauer LL.B LLQP directly at (647) 705 – 7443 or Email: info@insurancebymira.com , info@insurancebymira.ca , or insurancebymira@gmail.com

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