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Group Health & Dental Benefits

Group insurance and benefits, protects you and your employees in the form of health, dental, and a variety of other forms of insurance. In many cases, collective insurance leads to a happier and more productive workplace as employees are likely to work better for an employer that is invested in taking care of their health. While finding the right plan may seem like a difficult prospect, Insurance by Mira is committed to helping you determine the best plan for you and your business according to your specific needs.

Whether you are self-employed, small business owner, contract, part time or individual many benefits plans are available and affordable. Benefits are a cost effective and tax efficient plan that are based on the size of your business and the plan member’s needs and can be customize accordingly.

Health Insurance plan can provide financial peace of mind for some expenses we all have during the year such as:

• Drugs (brand and /or generic) including fertility, smoking cessation, Anti – Obesity and more.
• Dental (Basic and Major)
• Professional services such as chiropractor, osteopath, massage therapist, psychologist, dietician, naturopath, marriage and family therapist, clinical counsellor, athletic therapist, podiatrist, social worker, speech therapist, audiologist and more.
• Vision Care
• Medical Services and supplies such as surgical stockings, hearing aids, wigs, out of country referral and more.
• Out of country emergency travel assistance usually and trip cancellation insurance
• Orthodontia
• Private or semi-private hospital room (based on the availability of such rooms at the hospital)
• And more coverages included!

The personal group insurance is a guaranteed on an employee by employee basis as such, no employees need to answer medical questions when enrolling for coverage.

The Ontario government provides basic health insurance coverage through OHIP.
While OHIP covers a lot, there are gaps in the care it provides when it comes down to one’s individual yearly needs. For example, dental, drug coverage and many other services mentioned above, are not covered by OHIP. These costs add up and pose a significant threat to the financial security of families.

Group or individual health insurance is a great affordable way to provide the best type of private coverage to cover the gaps in the provincial coverage and have financial peace of mind with even some tax benefits for employers (please consult your accountant). It’s also a great way for the employer to take care of the health of his employees and their families. Therefore, there are many reasons to secure this type of coverage as it is beneficial for yourself, your family, and your employees. Most importantly, you and your employees will have the freedom of knowing that in any case you won’t have to choose between your health, and your family’s financial security!

Group Health and Dental Benefits