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Individual Benefits

We all know that hospitals in Canada can be extremely expensive. By getting the right emergency medical insurance, the right stability period for your health with the right insurance company you will get financial peace of mind for a very affordable price. Starting from as low as $2 CAD per day for single and from $5 CAD per day for family (kids are free in family policy or only 2 pay).

So, whether you are planning to come to Canada as a visitor (tourist), work, school, enjoy with your family and friends, or you are already in Canada and don’t have a government health card. It’s very important to consider the risks of not being covered during an especially challenging time in your lives. Protect yourself and your family from financial ruin. For only a few dollars a day this risk is entirely eliminated and you and you your family will be covered.

Who needs visitors to Canada insurance?

• Landed immigrants/ Newcomers waiting for provincial health card.
• Returning Canadian without provincial health card.
• Visitors to Canada / Tourists visiting from another country.
• Foreign/International Students.
• Foreign/International Workers.
• Nannies.
• Super Visa Insurance for parents and grandparents / Individuals applying for super visa.
• Anyone without government medical coverage.

Medical Stability Period for Visitors to Canada and Students

Each insurance company has its own “medical stability period” for a pre-existing medical condition. The stability period requires a pre-existing medical condition to be stable for a specific period, before applying to insurance in order for it to be covered.

For example, if a client had a knee surgery four month ago and he has been stable for 2 months. In order to be covered for the knee abroad you must choose an insurance company that will provide you with a medical stability period that is two months or less.

Different companies have different stability periods, therefore it’s absolutely crucial to openly discuss your health in order to find the right insurance company for your needs.

Any changes to your medication during your stability period can be considered a change in treatment, therefore you will not be covered for any unexpected emergencies related to that medication if you choose the wrong stability period and the wrong insurance company.

Some companies allow to choose the stability period that suits your needs however some will not. Insurance by Mira will help ensure that your pre-existing medical conditions are fully covered and that nothing will surprise you.

Insurance by Mira Glinauer will find you the best insurance company and will fully secure your trip. Making sure that your stability period is long enough to cover all of your medical conditions and providing you with financial peace of mind.

Students in Canada
If you are an international student enrolled in a school within Canada, and/or you are an accompanying family member of the student and are not insured under the government health care plan of the province or territory in which you study. It’s highly recommended to get an insurance policy that will secure your health and financial state from possible medical emergency treatment costs. It provides students with financial peace of mind and allows them to fully concentrate on their studies.

You and/or your family can have a unique wide coverage that is designed specifically for students and their immediate families. It grants a $2,000,000 CAD emergency medical treatment insurance for:

• Sickness (new or stable chronic, including COVID-19)
• Injury
• Prescription drugs
• Dental (accidents or dental pain)
• Professional medical services
• Maternity
• Emergency transportation (Air, Ambulance, Taxi, and mountain/sea rescue)
• And much more…

If you are:
1. An international student enrolled in a school in Canada.
2. Are an accompanying family member of that student residing in Canada.
3. Are a Canadian student studying outside of Canada.
You are eligible to receive this unique coverage for only $2.29 CAD per day!

To get the full information and policy wording about this private health insurance plan for students contact Insurance by Mira Glinauer.

Individual Benefits