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Canada Super Visa Insurance, cost and monthly payment

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A Super visa allows a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to visit their child or grandchild for up to five years at a time. If you are planning on visiting Canada for less than 6 months at a time, then you don’t need to apply for a super visa and don't need super visa insurance. All you would need is a regular visitor to Canada's medical insurance.

Super visa insurance is a mandatory requirement in order to obtain a super visa. The cheapest price for super visa insurance must be carefully chosen with the right stability period based on your parent or grandparents' medical history. Every insurance company has different terms, conditions, and a stability period based on pre-existing medical history.

Stability periods can be different from company to company. If you choose carefully, you can get the same price super visa insurance and coverage with different stability periods. Therefore it is critical to find the right super visa insurance company for your needs. Your family will be better protected for their stable pre-existing conditions if you choose the correct stability period.

Stability Period Example: If a stability period of six months is chosen and an individual underwent knee surgery five months before arriving in Canada, that individual will not be covered for anything relating to his knee because it occurred in the six months before he arrived in Canada. You must decide on a stability period that is less than six months as a result, and you must also establish how long he has been stable.

Another example: If a person has changed their high blood pressure medication in the previous three months, a stability period of two months or less should be chosen.

With some insurance companies, you don't need to pay the whole Super visa policy ahead of time, only two months worth of premium. In case the super visa is denied, you will be refunded for those two months. However, the insurance company will keep $50 in fees.

If you choose the wrong super visa insurance, there are numerous potential pitfalls and difficulties that might arise. It is my responsibility to assist you in choosing the best super visa insurance. Based on your medical background and duration of stability.

As a licensed insurance broker with many years of experience and with a legal background as a foreign lawyer. I can assist you in selecting the finest insurance company for your family's needs and budget so they may receive the best super visa insurance or visitors to Canada coverage at the best prices.

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